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Mar 09, 2014
4:41 PM
sleep is for the week

Had a couple of seriously good guest shows last month but now I’m itching to do a proper 2 hour mix especially with all the good music that’s been emerging lately.

Expect new gear from Mathematics, Strength Music, Horizontal Ground, Kangding Ray, Planetary Assault Systems, Christina Vantzou, plus plenty other good shit.

Listen here from 8-10pm tonight live, or anytime after.

Feb 22, 2014
3:52 PM
Deconstructing Hip Hop 

this Youtube channel

Feb 14, 2014
11:24 AM
Blue Note 1500 series - jazz album covers 

Blue Note 1500-series sleeves all day long

Feb 06, 2014
6:39 PM
Beat Beneath presents Nicuri (Strength Music, Mora, NYC)

I’ve got an array of guest spots lined up for the radio show in 2014 so it’s time to present the first: New Jersey native┬áRuben Candelario a.k.a. Nicuri.

Nicuri’s friends and associates include the likes of Dj Qu and Joey Anderson, and he has been refining his own take on that dark, deep raw house sound that’s been consistently coming out of the tri-state area in recent years. He already has several releases to his name including contributions to the always high-calibre Exchange Place series on Qu’s Strength Music label and 2012’s Paradigms EP on Bliq; and his A Lucid Dream/Moments EP is dropping imminently on UK label Mora Music.

Those in the know are predicting big things for Ruben in the coming year, and it’s my pleasure to present an exclusive one hour mix from him on this coming Sunday’s Beat Beneath.

The mix will also be available to download shortly after as part of a brand new podcast series - stay tuned :)

Show page

Nicuri Soundcloud

Nicuri Facebook

Jan 30, 2014
12:29 PM
Soundmap of London canals and minor rivers 

pretty cool.

Jan 23, 2014
10:11 AM

enjoying the old jazz-style design on this ( and the music, of course :) )

Jan 20, 2014
3:43 PM

kinda miss when dubstep was fresh

Jan 02, 2014
8:14 PM
bb best of 2013

as per the last few years I’m once again doing a Best of Year show, and again breaking with general music media protocol by doing it once the year has actually ended.

Once more it’s proving to be a massive, erm, labour of love, even more so than previous years thanks to the sheer amount of good music that’s come out in 2013 and having more good sources for discovering it, pals with good taste, etc than ever.

even though I consider myself fairly on the ball when it comes to checking out new releases every week in as many genres as possible, reading news/blogs, etc there’s still always stuff I missed or didn’t have time to digest properly so this time of year (approximately in between the celebrations and going back to work) is always one in which to be a bit unsociable and binge on releases I love or may be yet to love. results are coming on air on 12th January 2014. until then…

Dec 31, 2013
9:05 PM

Fuck yer Ableton timeline we doin’ it oldskool here

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